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That cleaned up the rustle of 'the summit', and calmed down only when she presented a piece of paper with items approved provocation. Promouteroobraznye, burly afrikanoidy also lacked success. Despite the fact that one of them for a permanent smile, forbidden to play the game, was fired, the entire press has got pictures with the logo of R & I. What really talking about ordinary visitors, in clusters hanging on the newcomers from the world of swirling glasses! As it turns out we have little to be happy! Everyone – for the Negro, and the bread can not give. Finally, the three chambers, accompanied by children from R & I, rumored to be lured to the same seminar on the fourth, the real one. And after being on the dummy camera caught herself festival director – Elena Naryshkin, it became clear: a provocation was a success because it took into account all of our Russian simplicity.

I remained unknown to determine whether to inflate the journalists, and how many. It is worth noting that the black-gray-red-white palette, which is sustained not only a logo R & I, its red and black promoters and measure hysterical flyer blown committee 'for socially responsible advertising' (all the words – with a capital letter) as well as a presentation of the agency itself could not be more in harmony with the set design the opening ceremony. It seemed that the provocation and the festival – the handiwork of a designer. I think it is thanks to the play R & I in the foyer of the Festival was not bored for a walk.