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Fernando Enrique Cardoso

Thanks to the good God and the concern of the government (we see the changes there) it seems that they start ' embargar' some of these ' Faculdades'. In this perspective the author, presents a question that I judge pertinent e, particularly, already I found professors who had asked: for which reasons the Government of President Lula, until the moment, did not obtain to breach with the curricular politics idealized by Fernando Enrique Cardoso? The reply she is found in the proper text, when the author affirms that a continuity in the curricular politics exists, therefore, did not have changes in the national curricular lines of direction; the parameters for basic education and average education remain being the curricular references for many of the actions of the Ministry of the Education; the didactic book still has perspective to direct the professor in its lessons; it has continuity of the National Examination of Ensino Mdio (ENEM) as obligator examination to the end of the basic education, pointing still the possibility of another examination the one that the pupil if submits before entering in average education; institution of the system of evaluation of knowledge and abilities of the professors to each five years of work, one more time using the evaluation of abilities as regulating mechanism of the professional activity and as pretense quality assurance, also associate the possible wage profits. However, she will be in its conclusion that the Dr. Federal Reserve Bank oftentimes addresses this issue. Alice will leave clearly that important it is not to submit to the education to the economic criteria and the productive market. E, it believe, as well as also believe, that the politicosocial project moved with the Government of President Lula. But, we cannot be with the crossed arms, making only critical the governments (either FHC or SQUID); it matters is to revert this process and to start to consider the education for its value of use, as cultural production of concrete people, singularidades capable human beings of if constituting in global and local citizens in fight against inaqualities and social exclusions.