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Home business and Onlineshoppen combine perfectly after the launch of the project “StupkWorld” in September 2007 has become the company STUPKA modern home business to an international and fast growing marketing company developed systems E.k.. within a very short time. The concept of “Online Department store with a network of branches in the Internet and a network of collecting customer” has established and proved its worth. The company under the leadership of founder Sergiy Stupka is eCommerce with a volume of several hundred thousand euros and an annual growth rate of more than 100% continue inexorably to success. The rapid development and expansion of the company is notable. To know more about this subject visit Nicholas Carr . A few months after the establishment of Austria for StupkWorld was opened in February 2008. Also the Switzerland in StupkWorld was integrated in July 2009.

But also the technology and marketing tools inexorably progressing. Already in the spring of 2008 were produced numerous videos and integrated, but also advertising space for professionals introduced. A modified by dynamic compression Compensation plan is applied since 02/2009, the Europe-wide uniform payment SEPA since 07/2009. In September of this year, a restructuring of the compensation plan was made by another generation, but also a complete reorganization of the back offices. Also, a top distributor 2009 of the Federal Association of network marketing for the award, was nominated in September. The growth of the company speak for themselves.

The company in all areas like eCommerce volume, product partnerships and distributorships to well over 100% increased compared to the same period last year. StupkWorld combines two modern marketing trends – the affiliate marketing and network marketing – a philosophy and implement them professionally. The entry in the StupkWorld business opportunity is free, easy and thus a modern response to job alternative, home working and business start-ups. The range is so wide ranging that everyone over 18 years old with Internet access among the target group.