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Essential Ideas

Self-leadership: 16 essential ideas to temper being extracted from the book 16 hours to TEMPER being author: Daniel Fernando Peiro Consultor / Motivador / copyright this is a summary of the concepts addressed in the pages of the book 16 hours for tempering the be. I have excerpted here some paragraphs that seem important to me so that they serve as a guide in the daily training course to the conscience. Idea No. 1 the self-leadership is the human condition of self-discovery. It is to discover and promote our strengths; It is OK and transform our weaknesses, exploring the depths of our me Interior, where resides the essence of the universe and its principles.

Idea No. 2 our mind produces more than 60,000 thoughts per day and most of these thoughts are negative. This, further, confirms that we are in excess to adhere to the negative energy and determines a real prejudice for us, in all areas where we operate. Idea No. 3 in the generality, humans put focus of attention to the problems of everyday life, in daily life; whether they are economic difficulties, from home, work, etc., and we ended up identifying us with negative emotions of helplessness, despair, jealousy, sadness, envy and many more. Idea No. 4 when the undesirable thoughts invade our minds, defeat our own will. Happens that both have become accustomed her to think negatively, to re-educate it playing, will show its powerful stubbornness, since this vice of inappropriately thinking generates powerful Rails that lead to thoughts towards the auto-saboteadoras beliefs.

Idea No. 5 creative visualization enables us to bring us closer to a life in fullness; a life in which we can obtain what we intend. It is to put an idea in our mind, an image of what you want to create for us, imagining the reality present transformed in what believes-mos that we deserve and then achieving this transformation.