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We did not have a team in field and yes some players (exactly optimum of the world) dispersed and playing as if they were without knowing for where going or what to make Which the difference of the election of 1994 (champion of the world) for the one of 1998 (looser for France in the end)? In union and friendship, the group of 1994 does not have comparison with the one of 1998. That in 1998 we were not desunidos, but in 1994 was a special climate, perhaps because we pass three together months in the eliminatory ones. This created a bigger harmony between the players. Why the election formed in 98 did not win the pantry? Among others reasons, was for the fact of this not to have been transformed into a team. Something of special and extremely important was carried through by the commission technique in 94 that it transformed the election carried through for the pantry into more than what a teams transformed, them into an efficient and efficient, joined, integrated and directed team inside and outside of field in the same direction. But something the same special left of being carried through in 98. The dictionary defines election of the following form: Act or effect to choose or to select; choice made from criteria and well defined objectives.

In summary, done choice on the basis of criterion and with an end I specify. Unhappyly most of the time the people if fix only in the first part of the definition. But she perceives that the second part of the definition justifies of clear form the reason of if carrying through the first one. There she says: choice made from> well. An election of people or talentos so that she is successful (efficient and efficient) must be become fullfilled based in criteria and objectives that justify the reason of if selecting, and that it has its focus in the attainment of resources that have if shown necessary so that the objectives are fulfilled and the main goal it is reached.