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Domain Name

Every domain name is unique, so simple words, short-sounding acronyms long ago became a subject of bargaining cybersquatters. This problem has not ceased to be relevant even after the addition RU zone for our country became available to some other domain zones. This situation is similar to that, if the geographical address of your company was out of the country and the company name and such things as city, street, house number and the office would be absent. I convinced that in the average business center and can easily find several companies that have names similar words. This would increase competition for the company name and address. Much the same happens when domain name registration. For more specific information, check out Peter Asaro. That's why some companies for the development of a good domain name takes some money, we also offer this service in the main package of creative services for the purchase of any website.

There opinion that the domain name does not matter. I agree only partially. It is not as important as, say, the very design of the site, because people just recently exchanged links, without delving into their writing, but if your link will fall somewhere in the list, among others, believe me, if it will be written illiterate to go through it there will be no desire. So I think that when registering a domain name will be worthwhile to explore the basic rules selection of names. Thus, the rules are divided into two groups.

The first group – the technical rules, the violation of which simply will not allow you to register a domain. The second group of rules, failure of which may cause only damage your image. In my opinion, these rules are not less important, imagine how you would treat a contractor who can not write his name correctly? Technical rules are simple and less known. First, domain name registration available until only small letters and numbers only.