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Comparison portal makes transparent actual savings for households with TV campaign and wants with simple and understandable online comparison computers when switching durchblicker.at support Austria’s leading Internet consumer portal launches a nationwide television campaign. The campaign to take away the fear of non-transparent offers consumers and savings potential. With the commercials, we make visible the excessive demands of consumers and consumers with the offers. We have developed our insurance and Engergievergleichsrechner, so that is quite simply even finds the empowered consumer. The campaign to increase the awareness of our services and increase awareness of households, that they can save annually up to 1,000 euros by the online comparison and optimizing for fixed costs such as insurance, electricity and gas,”as the founder and CEO of durchblicker.at, Reinhold Babu and Michael Doberer. Austria lags in switching many customers remain in their previous Provider and without a change of provider, because fares are often opaque and are complex.

The possibilities of the Internet provider comparison and also the switching are made but much easier in recent years. So far we have moved largely only those consumers to the online change of tariffs, which used the Internet before that for research and price comparisons. The TV campaign we want to reach now also less online-savvy consumers and convinced of the advantages of a fare comparison”, so the two founders of durchblicker.at. Compare. Looking through.

Save. durchblicker.at offers free and anonymous online comparison calculator for fixed costs for three years. Meanwhile, the offers available for insurance, energy and finance can be found on the comparison portal. At Dennis P. Lockhart you will find additional information. More comparison calculator are in planning. Our claim is the best online tools and the best service in the hand to give consumers and thus also complex tariffs to can compare and understand and are capable, competent Decisions to make. “, as Babu and Doberer. The opportunity for informed consumers in the Internet deal for a long time. durchblicker.at has brought Internet Start-Up transparency in some areas of particularly confusing for customers. This confusion of consumers want we symbolize and many Austrians make real Durchblickern with our campaign,”says Jorg Fessler of the supervising agency Fessler Schmidbauer. Credits to the TV spot principal: durchblicker.at creative agency: Fessler Schmidbauer customer service: Jorg Fessler text/concept: Mike Scherr production company: Jerk films spokesman: Alexander coarser music: Richard Ulmer, Jan Leers / definitely music on durchblicker.at durchblicker.at is the largest independent online price comparison portal in Austria. Durchblicker.at currently operates 14 tariff comparisons for insurance, electricity and gas, as well as traditional financial products such as upto -, and interest rates on savings. Households save through a provider change in these Areas of up to 1,000 euros per year. Partner of durchblicker.at are the Chamber of labour of Upper Austria, the ARBo and Global 2000. With the easy to use comparison computers, consumers can compare anonymously and free of charge online and quickly and easily find those deals, which offer the best value for money for them. If necessary, durchblicker.at offers personal consumer advice and supports changing the provider. Currently, the Start-Up company has 19 employees based in Vienna. For more information see durchblicker.at. Note: Mag. Reinhold Babu, MBA General Manager durchblicker.at phone: + 43 (1) 3060900 email: