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Czech Republic

Proposals with an invitation to the placement in the Czech Republic has more than enough. Only need to be able to make the correct choice of child kindergarten with English and German languages, power system and child development. Schools with intensive foreign language study and the specific objects as much to arrange the child and refer to the manual Czech schools better with an interpreter, as will discuss the conditions and terms of training, the cost of day-care and additional circles in school. Theme of learning Russian foreign youth in high schools and universities Czech institutions devoted to other articles company news block "Prague Lion". Insurance in the Czech Republic takes no little importance, or rather one of the key places in the lives of all Russian-speaking immigrants. Foreigners residing in Czech necessarily need to have insurance in one of the Czech insurance companies.

First, private insurance in the Czech Republic need to obtain medical care in the treatment, and secondly insurance is required for renewal their status of residence in the Czech Republic. Foreign Police in the Czech Republic in extending any type of visa requires the presence of a foreign citizen serving the Czech coverage. On insurance of their property in the Czech Republic migrants thinking at the time of purchase and sale transactions. With mortgage or credit support real estate transactions Czech bank, the bank will oblige the new owner to insure privacy as well as the object property acquired in the Czech Republic. Car insurance each insurance company offers two versions of the Czech Republic.