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Customised Service Packages

Drain-AS, ADAC, service packages, experience in the industry: what are the similarities? The ADAC is Europe’s largest transport Club with 16 million members. Just a coincidence, but years of work? Who knows not the yellow Angels\”, which are day and night for your members to the site in the event of a breakdown. The Automobile Club is not only puncture helper, he deals also with the road safety, the road safety education and the protection of road users as a consumer. Overall, a high degree of reliability, speed and professionalism characterized this club. With annual sales of more than EUR 1 billion, the ADAC is also a prime example of an intact commercial enterprises in the services sector.

Hardly a road users of the name is unknown. Also we meet discharge as effectively as roadside Assistant and Advisor. As pioneers of the discharge & tube cleaning industry in the private area of the House connection, support and we advise clients on topics related to the drainage system for over 40 years. In recent years, the market environment is very opaque and partly filled by unserious acting companies, with bait advertising industry discredit bring. A look very well reflects the wide range of companies in the business directories. The customers feel partially overwhelmed to choose a professional and at the same time serious service providers this.

More so is the need Fachunkundige in advance of the work to educate. In this area, we see one of our main tasks just because the education is criminally neglected by many competitors. The drainage system is already regarded as the annoying stepchild. Our years of customers we include caretaker and cities, with whom we work very closely together and develop solution concepts for defective drainage systems in particular engineering private real estate owners. Through fruitful communication with them, we are firmly convinced that our bespoke continuous service contracts (maintenance) for drainage systems with regular a necessary and simultaneously cost-effective way are recurring drain errors to maintain the functioning of the drainage systems.