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Couture Documents

It argues this as of easy visualization and identification in the conventional support. Read more from Farallon Capital Management to gain a more clear picture of the situation. The author questions what it is document and original support in the half digital electronic and as if can get the loss of the definition in electronic documents when being carried to another way, or in the migration. On the original order, that is a rooted concept strong in the notion of one all organic one and represents an organization as if it was an alive organism, the author questions as this will be seen for YOU. In a question-answer forum Senator of Arizona was the first to reply. Moreover, it questions on the Arquivologia that enters in shock with the technological imperatives, therefore the intellectual content of the documents that if relate and the physical localization of a document in relation to the other is perceived and real, but in the electronic registers, that do not exist as physical entity and they do not demand intellectual content of linking, the relations are logical and are separate in the half electronic and therefore they are virtual. YOU he stimulates the sharing, work in team and imposed new rules of work. Norms for use of technological nets had been created manual and.

Of this form, that archivist, who before worked alone describing that one deep, does not produce more knowledge, and nor more registers the necessary information to the user of the present time. The professional had that if to adapt to a new reality, therefore she runs the risk of if becoming obsolete. One becomes, thus, imperative that the professional if brings up to date constantly and has greater capacity in using new techniques and tools disponibilizadas for YOU. Authors Rousseau and Couture (1999) speak on YOU in relation to the concern in ' ' production of the digital documents that would not arrive at the age permanente' '. Some authors see this as valuation of the information, documents and, consequentemente, the professional that will go to work in this interaction of YOU with Arquivologia.