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In the holistic educational environment, learning communities relate to educational fields comprehensive and collaborative with the participation of significant mutual learning among teachers, students, parents and administrative, with the goal of these communities being workers, learning, creating a diversity. One might think that teachers have the task of creating communities from our classrooms as a comprehensive educational space, but I have learned and I practiced, that we must first create communities to the interior of our family, so go in scale and reach classrooms and with experience in our own family, being able to create that room inside the classroom with a harmony that the student can be really happy and remove the concept that the school is similar to a factory of linear processes. We must create learning where to include activities that are compatible with real life; that not everything is theory and the student to learn from his student days to see life as he lives, and with an evolution of consciousness: and as says the work of Gallegos: create the conditions for the existence of the spirit, the aroma, the shared meaning making that holistic education develops: we should want to do education holistic a very important point that is discussed in this reading and was dealt with in face-to-face class, it was sensitivity: it is clear to me that it is an essential part to drive the human being to be free, responsible, generous, compassionate, good in your family, responsible for your planet and your Community citizen and above all happy, which will result in one with peace inside and open to diversity, and sensitivity will lead us to a good v decision-making, by what I learned that our responsibility is to transform schools and universities in communities of learning. Even Ramon concerns us that with your group of friends who shared the concept of spirituality became his sangha, i.e., their spiritual brothers, managing it themselves since they did not have an authority that sent them, taking their own decisions.