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Our manufacturing process mouse pads will solve virtually any design or advertising problem. As a basis we use microporous rubber thickness of 2 or 4 mm, with the effect of sticking to the table. Applied to the other side needed an image that is covered by a transparent plasticized material. In addition, as a basis for We use plastic mat thickness of 300 microns, as a rule, this material is used for promotional mat class, which are sent in large quantities. Thus, when working with a company RPK PRStyle, may bring in the rubber and plastic any fantasy. Create an original form will help you to our designers.

A print on mouse pad can be any full color image. As a rule, all mats are made of rubber, but its quality varies. The thickness of the mat can be from 300 mm to 6 mm, but in practice it is too thick mats are not ergonomic. The average lifetime of a mouse pad pro is 8-10 months., An ordinary user – more than a year. Period lives of Chinese artefacts did not exceed 3 months. To order a mat with your own design, the layout should be sent, and if they meet the requirements of the next day you can pick up the first edition.

How to make a rug memorable and more effective advertising? The main condition for the manufacture of promotional mats – match all the elements (type, shape, color and image) the concept of the current advertising campaign or a general marketing strategy. Mouse Pad – only one element of marketing communications company with customers and partners. Therefore, the design and the advertising message must support the communication of others channels. In addition to quality there are a few things to consider when creating rugs: It is important to make a useful, stylish, beautiful, bright and non-standard. The main thing to remember key points in their marketing Communications and preferences of your target audience. Useful. Best suited for companies that deal with current office problems. The most obvious example – placing on the mat with the logo of the calendar. Simply, it is useful and works. There is a chance that this will disappear from the table, paper calendars competitors as mat is much more functional. But you can go ahead and tie the usefulness of a mouse pad to their product. For example, a company that sells oil or coffee, can modify the idea to the calendar and place it on the mat product parameters (calories, fat, etc.). The Bank may please their customers telephone mini-guide, the health club – a table caloric staple food, and auditing firm – the cables are difficult to remember. Stylish and beautiful. This option is relevant for companies offering beauty: designers, fashion retailers, etc. I think they do not need advice how to make stylish and beautiful little thing. Bright and non-standard. Perhaps even provocative. This may be a form of carpet (in the form of CD ROM for online store) and image (cans of beer for the brewery). Frightening to think what may come to fancy otvyaznoy sex shop …