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The kind of words used by handicapper is no abstraction. The entire structure of thoroughbred racing is based on class differences among animals. In the racing game, for example, in addition to the penalties for previous wins, all participants have equal weight. In any disadvantages’ that is willing to pay the fee and enter a horse can have the track handicapper assigns the weights of the race, and to ensure genuine competition. In allowance races of the weights are assigned directly by the conditions of the race itself, not the predictor tracks. The animal with the best record in the last few races before they take the more weight with the graduation to the lighter weight to be carried by horses less impressive records. And class differences are part of the career structure, so is the ability to recognize individual differences between horses at the point of the base class.

This is an absolutely essential part of teams of all handicaps that aim to select the winners. It’s a simple question to avoid the very cheap horses, $ 5,000 plaintiffs that the disorder until the boredom of racetrack handicappers everywhere should be avoided. Many of these horses are not sound cheap, some are old and almost as unreliable as the lame, others are simply not good, could not run well and never run well. And yet, curiously years these horses seemed to have a fatal attraction for players. Even handicaps with the most basic knowledge of racing can not fail to recognize them for what they are to avoid a plague. Class horses run more true to form. With the service line and off-track betting available these days there is no reason not to concentrate on racing quality.

My handicap is much more consistent when I play the most important racetracks. Belmont and Aqueduct are consistent favorites of mine. Santa Anita and Hollywood Park are also profitable for the disabled. If you concentrate on the horses better consistency, easily determine the class will give you a definite advantage. Horse racing is a game of slight variations. Even a deadlock can have the rider falls, or face leaving the door and get beaten by a smaller animal. In the final analysis, all practitioners of the noble art of disability fall into one or other of two groups. The first group consists of those who attempted comparative analysis in terms of class and consistency of individual participants in each field. The second group consists of those who are primarily based on a velocity analysis process in an attempt to get their winners. Between these two schools of disability has been discussed a lot of spirit. The classroom is a valuable tool for any handicap. What is the best rated and measured in any single horse is the dilemma facing the serious horse player.