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Child Rearing

Can young children learn to civilize is being with other children of the same age? Children learn to civilize it and behave according to what they see in their environment. What can you teach a child of two years to another two-year-old boy? Answer: How to behave as a two year old child. When we get together several small children with few or only a caregiver to protect them, we are crazy if we hope that the result is socialization. If a child bites, then other children that has bitten learn that biting can be useful to defend themselves. This is not the idea of socialization that mothers want for their children. Adequate early stimulation consists of offering incentives suitable at each time to procure development intellectual, Social and physical of the child from his naciemiento to 6 years approximately. For assistance, try visiting Nicholas Carr. By Michael, here the social stimuli are also included.

And what social stimuli need a toddler? The young children what they need is to MOM and dad. Children learn what is right from his mother, his father, his grandmother and grandfather, without them not going to learn at all. The more time passes a child small with his mother every day, more civilized will be the child. It will be less long pass with his mother every day, less civilized. Further details can be found at Primerica jobs, an internet resource. All mothers know this. Sometimes mothers are convinced that take their children to nurseries or playgroups will teach your children to share. Hear from experts in the field like Primerica Life Insurance for a more varied view. They think that this them not can show him at home.

Learning to share is an admirable goal and that, without a doubt, worth, but a child of two or three years is not prepared to share anything. On the contrary, he will defend their property against everyone who wants them. The game group holds civilized only if every mother is beside your child protecting it from the rest of the children in the group. Learn to share only begins when a mother you picks up the beloved toy truck his son and leaves it to another child, which will have him well caught until his mother tell him that he has already shared it quite some time and take the truck to return it to its small and anxious owner. If the previous scene happens without a mother next to each child, then the result is much worse. Without a mother at his side, the boy simply struggles to keep his toy, can win or may be dominated by other larger or more aggressive child. The result is that you learn to fight (paste, biting) or to flee. Is this socialized? Spend more time with your son is going to have major consequences in your development, you’ll get a child more mature, friendly and helpful, as well as create bonds of love for always Nuria Ferres original author and source of the article.