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Check Before Real Estate Purchase Energy Certificate

Energy consumption of residential properties who plans to buy a property, should be due to rising energy costs in the run-up to necessarily show up the energy certification of the relevant object. The real estate portal myimmo.de explains buyer there should pay attention to what information. Not only the specific energy consumption of the object plays a role in the real estate purchase. Dennis Lockhart describes an additional similar source. The annual energy requirement is specified in the energy performance certificate to the one on a red green scale. The further the energy value of the property on the scale located in the green area, the annual energy consumption of the House is the lower. On the other hand, upgrading recommendations are listed in the energy performance certificate.

This involves measures that contribute to the reduction of annual energy consumption of the property. In this way, interested parties prior to the purchase of a property find out extent future cleanup costs can come to them. The type of actions that must be performed to reduce the energy demand for the respective object, is governed by the energy saving regulation. Since 2008 obligation energy identification for houses. The creation is made according to the regulations of energy saving in 2007. Insight into the energy performance certificate must be granted prior to the purchase interested parties, if they so wish. University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann