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Traditionally, we know the battle of television by the audience. In Spain we have moved from the hegemony of the official TV and private leadership. Right now there is an interesting battle between public, TVE-1, and the private Antena 3 and Telecinco, which alternate in the top positions. However, the decrease in advertising caused by the crisis leads us to try to tune a little more analysis. This or that string leads the audience with an x% of the total (now the leading network does not reach 20% of the total pie), but what’s the deal on prime time, ie the schedule prime? This analysis already provides some interesting results in the face of advertisers, who naturally want their products are widely available in the best times (which of course are more expensive). For example, the cost of the last announcement of the year in one of the major networks may be around $ 10,000 per second. However, today it still has further refined when targeting ads on television, also sought a connection between the type of audience the program in which a notice is issued and the target product. More info: Jeff Flake. This, it seems simple (eg, issue ads at times when children toys) has economic connotations that go one step further.

And is that the classification of hearings chains vary substantially if instead of analyzing the total audience examines the a commercial target, profile corresponding to a segment of urban public between 13 and 55, regarded as consumers par excellence. In this way, and except for certain specific products, the fight is produced by the audience a jovena and consumer. And in this segment, the new private channels, such as Cuatro and La Sexta, earn enough about the whole traditional channels (TVE, Antena 3 and Telecinco), which means that most of the hearing of these two chains is young and urban, and from analysis point of view, more consumerist. In other advertising means the same thing happens, and it is something that should be taken into account by companies when advertisers make their campaigns. Moreover, the first thing they should do is select cuidadosamentea the medium through which they do advertising, which also go in line with the style and the target company can also deliver significant cost savings, and achieve better results.

Is it feasible to do an Internet campaign? The example for this is provided by the great Obama campaign via the Internet and social networks (even created their own, my.BO, through which raised large amounts of money, and unite their own. It Youtube also used profusely (including the song he did with his famous slogan “Yes, we can”), Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, coming to be called the tecnopresidente. And all this with a fairly low cost compared to scope achieved.