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Business Updates for the Real Estate Industry

Buying Property Under Construction

The base offers apartments in new buildings (the buildings under construction). Always a great choice. In the new building you will be able to buy an apartment is cheaper than in the secondary real estate market. Depending on the stage of construction, so does the price of apartment. Thus, at zero under construction, you can buy an apartment for 50% of the cost of similar apartments, but in a house built. Therefore, people who have limited income, decide to buy just such apartment.

On the one hand it is profitable. But there are so many nuances (or risk): First, move into a new home can be only when it is fully constructed and the money will pay for "foundation phase". That is, this option is not suitable for those planning to enter soon after buying the house on a permanent basis. Second, do not know when will be built this house. Under the contract, he may be occupied within a year, and in fact, through year will not be built nothing but a foundation.

Construction could just stop, or company-builder decides to disappear – the options can be set. Third, the quality of the home might not be, as he promised the builder. Building materials – cheaper, skilled labor force is not that strongly affect the quality built home. Also, with the help of our database, you can buy an apartment in an already built house. Apartments in these more expensive but to issue property in his name will be already at the earliest possible time. The database offers selling apartments from owners, real estate agencies and developers. Buying an apartment from the developer, often finishing with allows the economical use of funds for housing. Today, sales of new buildings in the Volgograd region has become one of the fastest growing areas of the company. New to Volgograd infrastructure are in high demand. Serious and lasting relationships with builders, banks and lending institutions allow us to offer our clients a wide range of mortgage programs, discounts, and installments when buying property. Mortgage program for selling new construction, Volgograd and the Volgograd Oblast and real estate, we will implement together with the largest Russian banks. We also provide our customers opportunity to offset the cost of existing housing by purchasing buildings in Volgograd and the Volgograd region. In addition to the sale of new buildings in the area, the agency provides assistance to those who want to buy or sell an apartment in Volgograd. We will help you choose an apartment in Volgograd from our database, exactly suited to your needs. Any real estate Volgograd – a reliable investment for decades to come.