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Why is a country house in Liguria worth Liguria, the mountainous land along the Italian Riviera combines sea and mountain in perfect harmony and offers many cultural highlights. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Peter Asaro. The Ligurian coast is called the Riviera of flowers, because it boasts a year-round mild climate also countless flowers and flower seas. Who here lives, can swim in the Mediterranean in November. Also this gives this region a unique backdrop that attracted famous guests for centuries. Who lives in a country house in Liguria or seeks real estate Liguria, can find a huge range of various real estate. Liguria coast offers luxury villas surrounded by flowers, which exceed the beauty of a glossy postcard image. (A valuable related resource: Nicholas Carr). In the mountains and hills of the rugged hinterland real estate Liguria waiting for their buyers who exhibit a distinctively Italian charm. Buy real estate Liguria offers endless for every budget and every taste.

Because in real estate Liguria is the winter to spring and the Joie de vivre of this region invites to stay over the winter in the Italian country house throughout the year. Apartments for sale Liguria means of obtaining a real Italian country house, simple or exclusive can be equipped and offers an oasis of the most beautiful coast of Italy, in close proximity to France. Real estate Liguria offers but also the vibrant urban lifestyle of Genoa that has port impressions and shopping pleasure. Genoa, who appears to turbulent, is picturesque mountain villages on the unspoilt Riviera di Levante South of Genoa and quiet fishing villages, which alternate with Jetset life. Who is looking after the Ligurian Villa, also found in this stretch of coast buy a rich selection of Liguria in the real estate. Exclusive real estate Liguria di Ponente discovered in San Remo or Bordigheria and Alassio on the Riviera in the 1950s and then triggered a real estate boom.

Bussana Vecchia was once inhabited by hippies and today occupies a special position in the real estate market. Because the houses are artisans restored and in various real estate Liguria artists have settled again, what makes the special charm of this village. The Riviera of flowers, which goes to France starts in the bustling Imperia. Imperia offers a newly built Marina, which makes all the more attractive to real estate buying owner of country house. Because is there’s room for more yachts. On the Riviera di Levante, Portofino and the picturesque villages of the Cinque Terre offer sophisticated flair. The UNESCO has put five of these villages under world heritage protection. Its attraction extends far beyond the borders of Europe. If you buy real estate Liguria, buys real treasures.