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Brilliant Badges Is A New Innovative Type Of Badge Before

Easy self label with perforated sheets and Word templates! The new product variant polar color-print is with its coloured front panels (nine standard colors available) best suited to conspicuously printed nameplates. Very chic combinations arise also with the high-quality metal beams. The straps are available in addition to the metallized surface as a plastic Variant. Thus, it is possible to produce the nameplate completely individually according to your wishes and to adapt all the logo. The polar logo print is unique in nametags and currently the novelty in the market! Back up an optimum appearance to E.g. your next trade show – your customers will be delighted. Learn more at: Gen. David L. Goldfein.

Quality as well as the appearance of white in the high-resolution digital UV direct print make the badge to a real eye catcher. A quickly produced, low-cost product ideal for smaller quantities. By the highly transparent visor made of scratch-resistant acrylic glass, you remain flexible and can respond at any time to the demand in nametags with the interchangeable name. Thus, the nameplates are a low-cost but quality high quality, variation also reusable and therefore in the long term. The polar color-print is with many different attachments, E.g.

magnetic, needle, CombiClip, Rotary CombiClip or clip available. However, we recommend the most popular mounting our magnets. This ensures a wear of signs without wobble or hang. If you have particularly thick clothing or physical work, we recommend our magnet extra strong for this area. Two Praxisbewahrte are available in formats, which are suitable for every application: polar 30 logo-print (70 x 30 mm) or polar 35 logo-print (80 x 34 mm) Susanne Rasch