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Book Reviews: A World Of Valuable Opinions

Book reviews and suggestions "is a kind of litmus test of any company, product or service. Originally it was designed for rapid response to violations of service and served in the Soviet Union of its kind an instrument of popular control over the organizations provide various services to Soviet citizens. Every company that provides any services to Soviet citizens, was obliged to include, among other things inventory and the book of complaints and suggestions. Since access to register complaints by law, provide for democratic access, ie access to any user of the services provided, then it should be always in the space provided and conspicuous place. And so far the company's administration is obliged to take action on each customer complaints within two weeks. The buyer is obliged to leave their name and address. Pages in the book numbered so that from it was impossible to pull an unflattering reviews.

The main functions of the book are: fixing violations in the services sector of the population, the mapping of positive feedback from users of different services, prevention of abuse of office, receiving suggestions from the workers and innovators in improving productivity or working conditions. As is known, provide book reviews to the consumer required by the first his request. Explain why it is needed, the citizen is not required. Also illegal to require the buyer to produce documents. Man, wishing to leave a message in the book, must ensure not only handle but also chairs and tables. By adopting the best in the people's control over the quality of goods and services and taking account of past mistakes in runet a new project 'Book reviews: a world of valuable opinions.