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Frame and packet encryption ensures, on the other hand, the header remains intact. Thus, the data are compatible with the existing network operating. EncrypTight is completely transparent and supports also VoIP and video, without causing it to adverse effects such as jitter or increased latency. A vulnerability often represents the physical backup of the data center or the server room. With the Intelli-pass system is a solution to the effective biometric access control and securing of doors about fingerprint, PIN and RFID to provide (biometric access control). Here, the optical fingerprint system offers maximum security for offices, laboratories, data centers, business and server rooms. In contrast to many other systems read and controller units are separated here: while the reader with the fingerprint – and keyboard unit easily accessible at the door is installed, the control unit with door safety, control and network communication within the safe range can be accommodated and is protected from unauthorized access and tampering.

The multi-level identification to the reader is biometric fingerprint and PIN (numerical code) as well as optional RFID (radio frequency identification). With extensive management capabilities, Intelli-pass also ensures a high degree of protection. In addition, critical environments can be monitored comprehensively with AlertWerks II. The system controlled environmental conditions with up to 600 intelligent sensors and provides a targeted monitoring of failure critical parameters such as temperature, humidity, smoke, air pollution and power surges. The solution to the environmental monitoring (environmental monitoring) alerted the user deviations using SNMP, email, sound, voice, fax or photo attachment in the mail. Thus, the system in addition to the usage in data centers, server and computer rooms is also ideal for sensitive areas such as telecommunications or food industry. Not all potentially explosive devices can be in this way.

In particular Calculator in publicly accessible areas, such as airports, hotels, authorities, or shops, represent a risk to the security of the network. The innovative LockPORT cable protect the vulnerable ports with their patented clip from unauthorized access and accidental separation. In doing so the key locking cable (Cat6) with red locks only with the LockPORT key tool can be removed and so absolute port protection with the following characteristics: network protection on the level of security layer 1 (physical layer in the OSI model physical layer), compatibility with all RJ-45 ports, CAT6 specification, as well as securing wireless access points, surveillance cameras and PoE hardware connections. The secure locking cable have green fixtures and prevent unintended separation and thus expensive downtime. The key/secure cables combine both approaches, and have a red latch and a green clip on one end to the other end. Press contact: Black Box Germany GmbH Axel citizens Ludwig road 45 B 85399 Hallbergmoos Tel: 0811/5541-322