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Best Tapas

Experience Barcelona Apartment Barcelona tips like never before everybody who comes to Barcelona, know that there is also a typical Spanish speciality but paella and Sangria, you should try tapas. This tasteful, to the occasionally enjoy speciality has its origins from Spain South and with beer, wine and Sherry served. Most of the time understood a little tapas bread with cold meat (ham or chorizo) on top of it. Today but there are a lot of tapas hot, cold, big, small, the bread on the plate, tooth Woods, in the bowl… You determine.

So if you go to Barcelona, you miss this opportunity not to taste the best tapas in Spain. You can choose between traditional bars and modern restaurants, specialities from Basque “pintxos” and choose Catalan creations. Here ApartmentBarcelona.com gives you a few tips on the best tapas in Barcelona: Atrapatapa tapas to suit all budgets is a tradition, originating from the South Spain is to serve the tapas at a low price or even for free. Because some bars serve also large portions such as sandwiches and little burgers, many of these snacks on the table come “gratuitamente'” Act of the drink in this region of Spain. One of these bars, which has maintained this tradition, is Atrapatapa. Here you will find more than 15 different tapas, to the price of 1.20 for a glass cava and a Tapa! So you can’t go wrong! Address: C / Comte d’Urgell 77, Metro line L1 Urgell stop. El Xampanyet tapas and champagne in search of an experience? Then you are exactly right in El Xampanyet! This Tapasbar is located close to the Picasso Museum in the beautiful district born and offers a great atmosphere with the best cava and champagne in the Catalan capital. Is the enormous range of the don’t miss best sea products and anchovies! Address: C / Montcada 22, Metro line L4, Jaume of 1 Quimet i Quimet top tapas! If you are after the delicious, freshly prepared tapas take a look around, Quimet I Quimet is right.