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Beautiful Flowers And Plants Splendor

Everyone knows the queen of flowers, the rose. Everyone loves these flowers, whether in Strauss in the garden or in a dried flower arrangement. Never in the history of plants a flower has been deified. Whether as a proof of love or just as a thank you we give this love to love people. The roses can be found today in all flower shops, cut flowers or shrubs in the pots einbeeten.

The roses are found in thousands of different colors and in different varieties. Hybrid teas from beautiful to standard roses, shrub roses and floribunda. If the selection is really great, it is only then face the question of which variety you should choose. First, one should determine exactly how much space you have for planting in the Rose Garden. Whether you want to plant the roses as a shrub or as a floribunda.

The roses do not like direct sun all day, so will the be planted, that they are at least 3-4 hours in the shade. The second criterion is that the roses need a lot of moisture and a lot of attention. That means the roses tolerate no vermin, they are to be processed in time to fertilize them. This is done mostly with the soil before planting the roses. Also, the fungus infestation is very dangerous for the bloom of roses and should be treated directly with a spray. The tip of each gardener has cut back the roses before planting at 3-5 eyes. The upper eye should always face out. The roots are shortened slightly, so that the cut surface facing down. After the planting will cast capable and angehaufelt. Only when the new shoots show that the earth is carefully removed.