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Bauer Kaiserdamm

action animal: “we investigate to prevent animal suffering’ a slogan that first can encounter some amazement. But on closer inspection quickly becomes clear: targeted educational work in fact prevents animal suffering. Just who is informed, is also in the interest of the animals. You think only once to the many people who sponatn just for Christmas and inconsiderate to buy a Guinea pig or a small dog puppy as a gift for the children. That the liberty daily supplies and the dog several times, dogs must be carried, are not sensitive here often. Also the ongoing costs for an animal (feed, veterinarian) do not consider many buyers to purchase. Usually right after the holidays, at the latest, however, when the holiday is approaching, exactly this spontaneous purchased Christmas animals be suspended somewhere or delivered to the nearest animal shelter. Animal shelters are important, therefore supports action animal nationwide more than 100 of such Einrichtungen.Noch would be better however, if an animal would only be managed if the Holder him can guarantee a permanent, loving home, too, so that it never ends up in an animal shelter. Because none of the animals of the levy is happy there. Through education and information pet and Lakshmi prevented before it occurs. This is an essential purpose of animal action. To achieve this goal, we humans must attract and targeted information about all aspects of animal welfare. action animal performs each year more than 4,000 briefings and campaigns in many German cities. This is placed on the so-called “four-eyes”principle, which means that many animal welfare concerns addressed in a personal dialogue with fellow human beings the action animal staff. Whether at well-frequented places in shopping malls or pedestrian the action animal information booths found anywhere, where to meet people “like you and I” are. A briefing, for example, can lead to titled “Purchase a pet” to think and at best to the conscious abandonment of a pet. A small victory for action animal in the fight against animal suffering. action animal is Germany’s largest animal and conservation organization with 200,000 direct members and over 140 partners. Objective of the organization is to prevent animal suffering before it is created.