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Bath Screens

A bulkhead is a dividing structure of two rooms. He is usually associated with the shower enclosures but there are other equally famous structures such as the spreaders of offices at offices of the companies. A bath enclosure consists of a transparent or translucent structure that serves to separate the inside of the shower or bath for the rest of the room. A simple screen installation: the installation of a simple enclosure, a sheet, is something very easy. Another thing to try to install a sliding bulkhead. The first step of the installation is secure to the wall profile that will hold the glass or perspex enclosure.

You should check its verticality with a spirit level. To make the holes in which you enter a few screws that fix the profile to the wall is recommended that you mark your height and start the hole using a punch and a hammer and avoiding make holes on the joints of the tiles, because the possibilities of these cracking are greater and profile shall be worse. Use a drill hammer to make the holes. Screw the profile that will hold the enclosure to the wall by inserting a few expansion plugs that will introduce the screws. So, then place first the fixed part shower, or bath enclosure if it is has it, attach the hinges that will tilt the mobile part and then attach this last so that allow us to enclose the shower to prevent water to drain to the outside.