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Barcelona City

They are three Spanish cities that travelers from around the world have chosen for their special or unique features notably Barcelona, which ranks number 20 of the Top 25 of the best cities in the world, according to a study by Tripadvisor, elaborated with the opinions of its users (15 million recorded in nearly 20 countries). Barcelona is still best valued in Europe, since European travelers it placed the 16 place in the ranking of best European city, followed by Seville in 17th position. However, in that list drawn up by Europeans, only Granada which comes out better stop, since it rises as the fourteenth best city in the world and the 6th best city in Europe. Possibilities for nightlife in the city have also been well appreciated, and make it the 6th best European city for partying, behind London (1st), Berlin (2nd) and Newcastle (3rd). Outside Europe, are New Orleans, New York and Las Vegas the three preferred globally in this category as well than mallorcarealtors.com/s. Love seems to flourish in our country, and Granada has been chosen as the 10th European city to fall in love. Surprises in this list that Oia (on the island of Santorini in Greece) is the first, ahead of Venice (2nd) and Paris (3rd). Tulum Beach the traditional offer Spanish for Sun and beach seems to have lost hitch since users have chosen several Spanish cities as best destination with beach and Sun of Europe, but must go to the fifth position to find a Spanish city, in this case Formentera which was followed Sitges in 7th position and Fuerteventura on the 8th.

Globally, Providenciales (Turkey), Tulum (Mexico) and Byron Bay (Australia) have been the three destinations chosen by users who come looking for exclusive properties in Mallorca. Families however Yes found in our country a pleasant place to visit. Among all categories, Spain stands out best destination for families since Palma de Mallorca is the 5th best city in the world for Families and, at European level, six of the ten best cities are also in our country: Real estate Mallorca (2nd), Salou (3rd), Lanzarote (4th), Tenerife (5th), Fuerteventura (6th) and Maspalomas (8th). The culture of wine and the Mediterranean diet does not seem to give us good results in these lists, since Italy and France-hogging the Top 10 of the best European cities to enjoy good wine and gastronomy, with the Italian Florence and Siena at the head. The only exception is San Sebastian, which appears ranked 6th, being the only Spanish city in the Top 10 in this category in Europe. Nor in the cultural we take good note, despite the large number of museums that has our country and be the second nation in the world with more UNESCO Universal heritage. Spain does not appear in the category of Cultural destination. Nor is there any city or Spanish destination categories emerging destinations for adventure cities or towns to relax.