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Balanced Scorecard Map

Each balanced scorecard map requires some time until their release. Here, find out what must be done for an efficient BSC. It can be not denied most, that a strategy card without the balanced scorecard has a weak base. The same is true in reverse proportion. That’s why these two components should be used only together, since they build on each other. If you take a look at the strategy chart, you can see that this includes four perspectives, which also offers the BSC. Therefore, it seems only logical that this part of the balanced scorecard are map. This card integrates functions and properties of a BSC within the strategy map.

These two are combined, the chart will present strong results, what the company must provide to both its customers and its employees. With the help of a BSC map it becomes possible, ideally to build strategies and performance, if there is a good basis for planning for this. Before such a map is created. ensure first, that the Organization has been thoroughly tested. See more detailed opinions by reading what Army Chief of Staff offers on the topic.. Often maps are created balanced scorecard, before a company is founded. This is advisable in this respect, so that the young company sets goals and strategies that build on each other so that everyone in corporate member aware, what needs to be done first.

There are four important perspectives that should be included here. If you already know enough about the balanced scorecard, you have certainly read and heard by the financial, customer, process and the learning and innovation perspective. The first task before you, is the definition of their target customers. Urgent matter, it is possible to determine how you can improve efficiency and productivity in the company, so that your strategic planning will be a success. In the second step we must bear in mind its desired results. Remember back a few years to your company. What did you achieve at that time and what are your goals now? This will help you to determine what the future of the company should look like according to your plans. This is one of the keys to success. Make sure that your strategy is formulated correctly, so that you can share them within the company. Now the balanced scorecard will help you map with corresponding measures, set the goals in your organization, which eventually lead to successful results. In the last step, everything is expanded and completed. Don’t forget that the map is intended not only for your eyes. As other employees of the company will benefit from the strategy map built by you. Thus, excellent results can be achieved if your employees know exactly what to do is by their side. Because all of them perform different work, it must be ensured that everyone through his job contributes to joint success. The respective responsibilities and competences can eventually in the strategy map balanced scorecard viewed will have designed you for your company. Learn Sam Miller, BSCDesigner.de if you are interested map on the balanced scorecard, on our Web page on the topic of strategy map.