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Aspects To Take Into Account Before Renting A House

We can summarize as follows: In general: – Have the perfect property in habitable condition and use. – Take into account that even if the contract is annual housing where it can be extended to five years unilaterally by the tenant. – Unable to evict tenants before the end of the contract or any extension if there is no breach of contract by the tenant. – The liability for damage caused by the housing to the Owners is on the owner. – Maintain relationships with tenants required and members of the community of neighbors. – You must pay attention and make sure that tenants comply with the standards of the residents and care home. Economically: – It is advisable to keep the unit in good condition so that the rent is feasible. At the time of hire is recommended to invest in paint, review and care of furniture, appliances.

– Overhead costs of housing a “community, IBI, etc. .- correspond to the owner. It may agree with the tenant to take over him, but the responsibility of the landlord remains unpaid. – Special assessments coming from improvement works in the building are the responsibility of the homeowner. – While the lease in force, the rent can only rise, as maximum, as the consumer price index (CPI) each year. – The rental income received taxable in income tax, ie the rent is not exempt from tax. However, the cost to the owner are deductible (subject to the tax mark) and also has significant rental deductions. – It is advisable to have at least one home insurance “multi-hazard” and if possible with default insurance revenue, which represents other costs to consider.