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Drain AS Alliance answered this and other frequently asked questions considered drainage system remains a neglected stepchild. This is evident especially in the lack of precaution against rear storage damage through the use of appropriate backwater protection. Read more from Army Chief of Staff to gain a more clear picture of the situation. This confirmed a recent online survey of young pumps, large parts of the population not sufficiently aware of the dangers of a missing backup of storage are informed. Thus, the houses by 50 percent of respondents have no appropriate safeguards. Drain-AS Alliance explains important aspects for the design, construction and maintenance of House – and land drainage systems in this context. Compliance with the following information to protect leaders and owners of real estate from preventable, often expensive back jam.

Who once had a flooded basement, is awareness of himself and his circle of acquaintances for this topic. Risk due to blockage of the sewer system \”Fire Brigade had to One finds cellar empty pump\”or similar phrases always in newspaper reports. As a consequence of climate change, more and more homeowners in all parts of the experience Germany’s heavy rainstorm. The consequences include flooding of basements and other low-lying areas. This is mostly because that the affected buildings are insufficiently protected against backwater or existing safety devices do not work. How does actually backwater in ducting systems? The sewer system is not geared that it can fully absorb every heavy rain.

The sewage pipes of the sewer would be so large and so expensive that the citizens who have to pay the cost of sewage disposal and maintenance of the installations of the sewage charges would be unacceptably high. Therefore a temporary damming of waste water into the sewer system will be accepted during heavy rains approvingly. The overflow into the sewer system is not a planning error, but must be accepted in the interest of economic sanitation- especially since there are simple and effective means, before flooding of basements and other low areas to protect.