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Are You Really Selfish?

Selfishness is a notion that has been heavily criticized for a long time. It is itself quite controversial. No one escapes but most of us are sorry to be called selfish. outside-financing/’>ARC Investment Partners. But in reality it would be appropriate to clarify the term a bit before continuing. You have to know what exactly to affirm or deny anything about it. After all, many of our parents instilled attitudes against or in favor of egoism. However, they never told us clearly what was being selfish.

Only made us believe it was right or who was wrong. Almost always came first. Selfishness means that you put your interests above the interests of others. That in the things you do is apparent that you do not care the welfare or interests of others unless it suits you. That to possess a philosophy that explains why you should give priority in everything. And finally, your feelings are strongly focused on yourself.

But are you selfish? Would you be selfish? And if you do you regret be? I believe that before embarking on responses to these questions we must ask most basic issues: Is it bad to be selfish? Can someone not to be selfish? To avoid loss in value ethical or philosophical we use a widget. Let's see where it leads to the development of selfishness with some examples. The deepening of the contempt for the interests and rights of others leads to tragedy. It results in antisocial behaviors such as murder, rape, theft, physical violence, usurpation of the rights of others, arrogance, terrorism, dictatorships …