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AOK Magdeburg

Commitment with a clear commitment to the site: training company, sponsor, and reconnaissance for good listening engage diverse Gampa and his staff, valuable reconnaissance work for more on hearing awareness in the region. The numerous events that launched the company, for example, the Magdeburg hearing days include 2010 and 2011 Magdeburg Health Centre (stop AOK). Repeatedly, the employees receive school classes to inform them, for example, about the risks of a heedless dealing with high levels of noise. Tradition also has a sponsorship commitment, with which the company 90 e. V.

supports the Magdeburg blind athletes of section gate ball of MSV. We aim not only to help our customers better listening, helping them with competence, with modern facilities and especially with time, and most discreet hearing aids perfectly to fulfill their wishes”, so Horakustiker champion of Andreas Gampa. As a medium-sized company, we are also part of this city and the region. “Whether as a training company, as a Scout for good hearing or as a partner of the Magdeburg blind athletes we see us the responsibility when it comes to social sharing and the future of our site, which we all feel connected.” Gampa aesthetic Horakustik “you will find at the following locations: 39104 Magdeburg: Cathedral square 12, Tel. (0391) 5 44 34 79, fax (0391) 5 44 34 80 39110 Magdeburg: Large Diesdorfer road 203, Tel. (0391) 6 62 82 23, fax (0391) 6 62 82 24 39517 Tanger hut: Bismarck 23, Tel.

(03935) 92 28 24 Editorial Note: Gampa aesthetic listening acoustic maintains two listening acoustic shops in Magdeburg, as well as one in Tangier hut and one in Olching. In the branches of the company founded in 1997, led by owner hearing care professional master Andreas Gampa, customers receive expert advice and friendly service around a cosmetically attractive and acoustically sophisticated hearing aid supply. In addition a wide range of audiological Accessories products offers its customers hearing Gampa. Hearing aid repairs and home visits are part of the range of services of the company as an in-house Earmold laboratory for manufacturing individual hearing solutions. So that the quality of the services offered the own high demand always enough Gampa emphasizes largest hearing aids on the education and training of its eight employees.