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Ancestors Mastino

Already in the Middle Ages, this powerful and courageous dog guarded the herd and defended the merchant caravans from the attack of robbers in Rottweil (Duchy of Wurttemberg, Germany). Rottweilers are often kept butchers, and so it became known as a dog butcher. The first Rottweiler breed club was created in 1901 in World War I served as a rottweiler in the German army. By I960, the Rottweiler breed was in the same well-known throughout the world. Mastino napoletano-Mastiff Mastino Napoletano ancestor-napoletano were ancient fighting dog, and intermediate link in the genealogical tree species has a large Italian Molossian described in the I century agriculturist Columella.

Dogs of this breed Mastino napoletano-fought with the Roman legionaries, and therefore spread through Europe in direct proportion to the growth of Roman rule. Ancestors Mastino napoletano-performed at the circus, and used in hunting. Mastino napoletano-breed is a close relative of the Cane Corso. Modern type Mastino napoletano-emerged in 1947 through the efforts of the breeder-breeder P. Skantsiani. Bullmastiff Bullmastiff breed bred by crossing a bulldog with a mastiff. As a result, bullmastiff inherited the qualities of their ancestors: the speed and energy Bulldog, large size and massiveness of the Mastiff. Bullmastiff was bred in the xix century to protect large estates.

Bullmastiff recognized as a breed in 1924, currently bullmastiff is very popular. Boxer Deutsche Boxer Ancestor boxer, as a mastiff, was the eastern Molossoid used for protection against wild animals, and as a pickling and fighting dogs. In 1890 for breeding the breed Boxer in its modern form crossed the German bullenbeysera (in Currently, this breed has disappeared) and an English bulldog.