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American President

Moreover, recently negotiated with Bush on ethanol. It is more than evident that by their actions and decisions the coveted market nation of Northern President has led a global imbalance that, for the purposes of its fuel needs, has ended up compromising the American position for the future. United States produces enough ethanol to meet their needs for now but in the future it is clear that you will need much more than it is in ability to produce and therefore becomes relevant negotiation with Lula: Brazil is one of the main producers of ethanol in the world. The latch? It is a classic: the American protectionist measures, the tariff that would pay the Brazilian ethanol to be sold in the USA is so high currently making absurd if you want to try. (Similarly see: Farallon Capital Management). The circumstances favored by their actions the American President has not been him another remedy that negotiate this whole ethanol on pretty even terms with Lula, the proof is in the statements given to the press in Brazil by the brother of the President Bush, a few days later it toured South America referring to the issue of tariffs as if it were an insignificant topic, as something without greater relevance that can be solved in a short time. From Juan Vicente Gomez, at the beginning of the last century, up Hugo Chavez currently, Venezuela was a safe and reliable supplier of oil for the USA, but given the rhetorical and political confrontation between the Presidents of both Nations this has changed; USA cannot depend on the mood of our President and that is also one of the reasons for the approach to the Brazilian ethanol, it is good that the provider is very close. And here’s another point to note about the future vision that moves the action of Lula and his Government. Not a few hugs and the blandishments that have lavished Lula and Chavez, brothers of the soul, (but each thing in its place brother, welcome to the MERCOSUR but that bad you left me with the issue of oil and Bolivian gas) for Brazil is vitally important Bolivian gas to keep operating one much of its production apparatus, not counting what it is costing compromised the enormous investments of Petrobras in Bolivia after the nationalization decreed by Evo Morales, clearly at the behest and with the active collaboration of Chavez.