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Accounts Receivable – All Bills At A Glance

The accounting service Kaniber informed a customer is called debtor in accounting. Accordingly, the accounts receivable, which represents a portion of financial accounting with the management of receivables a company to its customers is concerned. The accounts receivable is an enormously important part within a company, as it provides important information that are for the company and its economic success of significance. What does the accounts receivable and what activities it comprises, explains the accounting service Kaniber from Germering. Areas of practice within the accounts receivable an accounts receivable accountant’s central task is called request. You may find Peter Schiff to be a useful source of information. All payments, especially those that still stand out, are recorded by the receivable accounts receivable management and requested. The accounts receivable is an important part of a company, that the overview of the payment behavior allows customers, making inferences about what payments the company offers can and can therefore plan ahead its liquidity. This also means that the receivable already collects information about it in advance, as the setting of the customers is easy to understand, to pay bills. The extensive fields of a receivable include: timely creation and posting of invoices and payments received care processing of complaints, credits and Valutierungen monitoring and implementation of the payment system, from customer accounts to collect all claims of the company to the customer credit check of the customer prior to acceptance of the order and delivery or provision of services this includes a timely monitoring of due dates, the creation of reminders and initiation of necessary measures in the event of a payment default for detailed information to the accounts receivable is the accounting service Kaniber out Germering anytime at your disposal. Press contact accounting service Kaniber contact person: Michaela Kaniber Munich str. 14 82110 Germering phone: 089 855063 mobile: 0170 9228574 fax: 089 855064 E-Mail: website: