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3D Discover The Sights Of Berlin

Explore Berlin with its history and its attractions in 3D (red green) at home on your PC and at the same time in Berlin. The new 3D technology makes it possible. Get all the facts and insights with Peter Schiff, another great source of information. ZweiAug.de presents pictures from the capital of red green. Sitghtseeing different. Many famous sights can now simply with one red green glasses as a 3D photo with spatial depth look at, so for example the Pariser Platz with the Brandenburg Gate, an architectural arrangement, as a parlor for Berlin”is called or the Gendarmenmarkt, as neo-classical gem among the courts of Berlin or the elephant gate of the Zoo, many still from her Berlin visit know that. The Zoo offers around remarkable sculptures such as the Bismarck monument, representing the founder of Empire as a world leader or dramatic scenes of boar hunting in addition to a sprawling Park in the middle of the city to the victory column. Also the recent history is attention E.g.

in the monument for transported from Jews in Grosse Hamburger Strasse. Is there just around the corner the Postfuhramt, an exhibition space for contemporary photography, is to see that with a modern car installation on the front door. Other modern sculptures that can be seen as a 3D photo, are the balancing act by bar of Justice before the Springer – Hochhaus, the career ladder in the Bundesallee and the American monument to the fall of the wall, or – as shown – Diana’s hunt in the Humboldthain. Here the Viewer for the next visit to Berlin can can be so stimulating. 3D photos provide but also an opportunity, virtually live to experience this, Berlin, in addition to its history, is also known: colorful major events such as the Carnival of cultures and the CSD. Here, you can learn the feeling to be in the middle of the action here. In addition, you can make a tour through the picturesque old town of Metz on 3D photos. Red green anaglyph provide an easy way to show 3D images on the PC without having to install new hardware or software. The topic of 3D has taken more and more popularity in recent times, were already different newspapers and magazines 3D glasses on. If no, you will quickly find several online shops already at a quite low price. Rene Roger Schuck pictures/text/contact: ZweiAug Rene Roger Schuck Elbe Street 32 12045 Berlin Tel: 030 6860757